What We Offer

Cinemit connects people with free movie preview screenings and movie-related events in various cities. We publish original content about current releases as well as nostalgic content about movies of the past...and more!

Joining Cinemit is FREE and gives you access to:

Original Content: The founders of Cinemit and various member contributors will deliver weekly original content and opinions about new movie releases. From new movie reviews to Bluray release dates, we'll keep you up-to-date in the world of cinema. No celebrity news or gossip here - only the stuff we think a movie fan would enjoy is featured.
Nostalgic Content: Cinemit wants to remind you of those great movies of the past you may have forgotten and broaden your horizons to ones you may have missed. on Twitter and
us on Facebook to get classic movie quotes, cool posters, secretly awesome movies and more delivered to you on a consistent basis.
Community & Screening Exchange Forums: Cinemit members can find like-minded movie buffs in the Cinemit Community who are just as avid and addicted to movies! Have an extra screening pass and don't want it to go to waste? Looking for a pass to a movie and that you're willing to trade for? Try the Screening Exchange forum for your city and post a [Tag Along] or [Wanted] post today! (click here for more Screening Exchange forum formatting guidelines)
Contests: We want to hook you up! From swag to Blurays, Cinemit holds contests all the time - keep your eyes peeled!
Gofobo & Studio Screenings: Cinemit is alotted a number of free screening passes to distribute to its members for various new movies. We distribute these passes/codes in what we think is the most logical and fair way. Please click here to learn about our RSVP Process for distributing screening passes.
Cinemit Screenings: Cinemit organizes screenings in specific locations in New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC and will publish dates, times, and locations directly for Cinemit Members. Admission is on a first-come, first serve basis.
Events: We don't just offer access to new movie screenings - we'll connect you with online events (see: prescreen, constellation.tv), Netflix and On Demand movie recommendations and releases, and live Tweet-Alongs during TV broadcast movie showings (you never know who'll join in!).

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You can read more about Cinemit's philosophy and what we hope to do in the future by reading the State of Cinemit post.

Cinemit will never give away your email address. We will only contact you to tell you about free movies, screenings, events, promotions, news, and milestones. If someone is paying us to do something, we will make sure you know. All your information will remain anonymous. We promise to never give away your secrets. Any information you share with us, whether through signing up, a survey, an event, or another way we are not aware of yet, will remain anonymous.