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Submitted by tom on July 17, 2012 - 2:22pm


The Watch
If you were on your neighborhood watch, how would you make your neighborhood more safe?

The Watch Screening RSVP

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 24th at 5:30 PM
Location: Atlanta, GA
Passes Available: Gofobo - 10 Admit 2s
RSVP Close Time: TBD
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rej2004's picture

By appointing responsible block captains to a specific but manageable number of blocks.

darinart's picture

Investigate all the dark, dead-end streets of the neighborhood and split up the watch to investigate weird noises whenever possible.


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alanp's picture

More streetlights

sharky62's picture

Get a group of people to investigate. take turns every week. Make sure you team up. buy stun gun to shoot the predator.

thrax360's picture

Nightly rotations so no one got overly tired and jumpy.

rfest's picture

Make sure everyone's home is properly lighted and neighbors are vigilant about strange noises and occurences.

black2k30310's picture

I would make it safer by having more sociable events so that we can learn from each other more so that way we can all b a part of it and protect each other.

Panthro2012's picture

By installing cameras at all the exits and entrances to see who is coming and going through our neighborhood.

zmlucy's picture

assign guards at entrance to record everyone from outside. Put on lots of warning signs says this neighborhood is under camera surveillance.

joyceeck's picture

Buy guns, lots of guns. Arm everyone!

codez's picture

With more lights and people on watch duty.

natmor's picture

Can,t wait to see this one.

PapiRico's picture

By calling 911 FIRST and getting out of the way so the real pros can do their jobs!

allyouzombies's picture

More Vince Vaughn

Dukefenix's picture

First and foremost....I would definitely get a Jacket that has a Tiger with Wings, maybe add a Unicorn too!

I'd rock my aviator glasses while blasting "Trynna catch me riding dirty" in a Minivan, that way everybody in the neighborhood knows that I'm top flight Security!!!

I'll keep the bad guys out the Neighborhood, thats how I would make it safer~! Nobody messes with a guy that has a Unicorn with TigerWings Jacket! NOBODY!!!

kylerj's picture

More street lights and making sure I moved into the neighborhood with Vince Vaughn & Jonah Hill!!

Deadlyrhythmx3's picture

More street lights, more communication

kuroniji's picture

Add more streetlights. Make sure that every one on watch is equipped with cell phones so if something is going on, the police can be notified quickly. Group people in at least pairs. Try to ensure everyone is involved.

happysaver11's picture

Free doughnuts!

kenithia's picture

2 words: CHUCK NORRIS Smile

Dukefenix's picture

LOL Awesome!!

pyropat2323's picture

I would buy lots of guns and ammo.

Panthro's picture

Let the police do their job and not try to be a neighborhood vigilante.

movie queen's picture

Have all homes keep an outside light (or lights) on at night to have their house perimeter visible.

kncollier's picture

Get to know all the neighbors; ask the closest police station to make random drive bys as well as asking the off duty police officers to do patrols in addition to neighbors to patrol at certain times on certain days

rloquent's picture

I'd install motion sensor cameras!!

kpartin's picture

More lighting and neighborhood patrol group along with neighborhood watch signs

Dirtyhands's picture

With giant flash lights , lots of giant flash lights.

NatashaCodrington's picture

More dogs,and security


Natasha Codrington

bboyestyle's picture

Security guards !