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The Intouchables
What is the most heartwarming story you have ever heard?

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This story actually. Now I am going to share this story with my Chicago relatives.


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There was a dog that walked across Ohio (after being lost in the woods) back to his home. The family was surprised and overcome with joy to see the dog in the backyard again. Makes me tear up.

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A Beautiful Mind (2001)

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There are lots of heartwarming stories out there. But one thing that always makes me warm and fuzzy is watching old people eat cake. Seriously, watch next time you get a chance. There's something so pure and joyful about it.

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My cousin's struggle with cancer and how she helped those around her adjust to her terminal condition.

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John Q. With denzell Washington



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The puppy who was adopted by the police officer who rescued it after being thrown out a window. I sure hope the perp got a good kick in the butt from the officers.

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My buddy once put a chickens heart in a microwave.'s picture

The old janitorial lady saved money and gave to some colledge students as tuition.

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The story of the soldier in Afghanistan that found a little boy looking for his lost sister. He took his hand and asked him to help him find her. Knowing that this was risky he did it anyway and they found her a mile down the road, lost and hungry, but she was alright. What a guy!!!

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I have to say john Q

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When my mother was dying her last words were "Thank You"

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Taking care of a sailor who was paralyzed from contracting Gullain Barre Syndrome from innoculations he received in boot camp and seeing him walk again. Hard work and sheer determination on his part to overcome paralysis.

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The story of the mother whose children were taken to a foreign country by their biological father and he refused to return them and her fight to get them back , thru all types of international struggles and financial problems.

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That of Johnny Carson striving to gain acceptance from his mother. She never once complimented him on any of his accomplishments and he spent his entire life trying to make her proud. When she died, he found an old shoebox she kept in her closet of all the newspaper clippings and pictures of Johnny's rise to success.


"I tell the younger filmmakers, and the young students, that do it like painters used to do—that painters do—study the old masters, enrich your palette, expand the canvas. There’s always so much more to learn.” -Martin Scorsese

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The Green Mile

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My parents falling in love and marrying at 14 and 19. Still going strong after 42 years<3

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The Pursuit of Happyness

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This One



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a guy i went to high school with was in a horrible car accident my senior year due to a drunk driver. they told him he would never walk again. 2 years later he was able to walk again after much physical therapy.

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Brian's Song. (I told myself, I'm not going to cry!)

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The story about the Yankees entertaining the kids from Camp Sundown (the camp for kids who cannot be exposed to sunlight or many artificial lights) in the middle of the night.

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On December 27, 2011 Barbara Bagley says she never gave up hope that her dog would be found alive in the Nevada desert after the animal bolted from the scene of a crash that critically injured her and killed her husband. Their other sheltie, Delaney, was killed in the wreck. Dooley ran away and vanished. Her beloved 4-year-old Shetland sheepdog, Dooley, was tracked down Feb. 18 after surviving 53 days in the wild and they were reunited. I feel this was a very heartwarming story that she found Delaney after losing both her husband and her other Sheltie Delaney.

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I have always multiple cancer survior stories. They are always near and dear to my heart.

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the tutu project.

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movie my left foot

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the movie:
my dog skip



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When my best friend's friend's sister died but only to find out that she came back from the dead.

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Learning Tree




The story of how the black slaves endured shit from shitty whites (and still do) and how those blacks overcame them and are still overcoming them!!!