RSVP - Atlanta - Ted - 6.25.12 (CLOSED)

Submitted by tom on June 13, 2012 - 11:02am


What is the grossest thing ever?

Ted Screening RSVP

Date/Time: Monday, June 25th at 7:00 PM
Location: Atlanta, GA
Passes Available: Studio - 10 Admit 2s
RSVP Close Time: TBD
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rloquent's picture

Being intimate with someone then later finding out they're your long lost sister!

SM's picture

Watching the movie Human Centipede 2!

Raymaan's picture

Someone eating boogers Sad

janelleking's picture

A woman menstrual cycle

onlygagirl's picture

The grossest thing I have ever seen would have to be when I was in the movies. I was watching a movie and enjoying it alot and then I heard a woman next to me ask her husband to pass her wipes. I looked over to see her changing her babies dirty diaper right in the movie theater. I was grossed out. That is now where you change a childs diaper!!

gorgeousbev's picture

Seeing a million roaches roaming around in someone's kitchen!

Orangehoody's picture

The Human Centipede... UHHH Enough said!!

BubbaBunghammer's picture

Anything involving poop and pee.

Lindacski's picture

Worms. Nuff said.

dacosta's picture

Having someone puke on you!'s picture

i don't know

dcayers's picture

My daughter is thinking about becoming a Vet and some of the photos of tic infestation on a dog. The web has these photos of dogs ears covered in tic eggs. It makes me gag just thinking about it.

PrincessWalnut's picture

The SMELL of vomit.

acasp13's picture

the act of upperdecking. pooping in the tank of a toilet instead of the bowl.

joeshere's picture

Decapitation - I saw a head lying on a car seat after a traffic accident. The rest of the body was on the floor. Memorable indeed and gross

bidyut's picture

When Stifler drinks the beer with the other guys ... cream.

johnfpage's picture

Whoopi Goldberg

MSG's picture

Cheese on apple pie!!!!!!!

5thdroog's picture

Rude people

BubbaBunghammer's picture

The scene in Blazing Saddles where all the cowboys are sitting around the campfire, eating beans and farting. Truly gross, but hilarious!

black2k30310's picture

When I was age 1, I was in my crib with a stinky diaper on and I tore out the back and was playing with crap and had it all over my face. At least that is what my mother calls the grossest thing ever! Good thing from it tho, I have always had great skin.

nholubar's picture

Anything mucus-y.

mengroup's picture

clean my son's bathroom

akabbara3's picture

Nasty boogers

gautammistry's picture

public toilet with seat down and pee on the seat ....

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Golf Channel.

BubbaBunghammer's picture

Pink Flamingos

bdsmall's picture

The ring of encrusted hair that I find around the toilet in a friends bathroom. That, and the streaks of puss on the mirror from popped zits.

nicolesmithinga's picture

Your roommate picking his/her nose in front of you.