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Submitted by tom on June 13, 2012 - 11:02am


What is the grossest thing ever?

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Date/Time: Monday, June 25th at 7:00 PM
Location: Atlanta, GA
Passes Available: Studio - 10 Admit 2s
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Eating the after birth

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My dog greeting me at the door by licking my face ... My husband telling me after that happy greeting the dog just licked the cat's ass.... That is just wrong!

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a worm being pulled out of a leg!

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The grosses thing ever is when my dog had the runs all over my apartment carpet.



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Someone picking their nose in public



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boogers anywhere

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Seeing someone throw up

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When I sat on a chair at a Nursing Home, only to find that it was soaked with urine. I had to get a trash bag for my car for me to sit on to go home to change - I was that wet.

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The answer is clearly Julia Roberts.

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My step-mother's casserole. Yuck.

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That my co-worker doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom! She will rinse her hands off with water, minus the soap & then put lotion on! How gross is that?? I want to tell her she missed a huge step!! Lol

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Smelling someone else's poop!

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The grossest thing ever is being at a hotel and there are spider webs in
the windows...Of course that means that spiders are in the rooms somewhere.

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Grossest thing ever is 1 man and 1 jar!

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women who wear shorts 10 times too small...short shorts are not meant for every body's just wrong!!

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People chewing with their mouths open! I can't tolerate it. I can deal with anything else, but that just irks me!

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Hearing the sound a person makes when they vomit....then seeing & smelling what came out of them = GROSS!!!

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The grossest thing is being stuck in a sewer for any period of time. That aroma will never leave your memory. Yuck!

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That is the grossest, Dukefenix.


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A person throwing up in public.

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the grossest thing ever has to be the episode of hoarders where roaches had overtaken this woman's home and theyactually still ate in the home.

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People NOT wash their hands in the restroom, esp. women, wow!

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The alien popping out of John Hurt's chest in Alien.

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The smell of raw sewage coming out of the grease traps at the business where I used to work.

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Seeing someone projectile vomit and the crap themselves

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Seeing someone projectile vomit and the crap themselves

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Middle school's boy bathroom

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The grosses thing for me is wet tissue, for what ever reason it grosses me out, to the point where I would literally barf!