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Submitted by tom on June 13, 2012 - 11:02am


What is the grossest thing ever?

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Date/Time: Monday, June 25th at 7:00 PM
Location: Atlanta, GA
Passes Available: Studio - 10 Admit 2s
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corinnekellyb's picture

The grossest thing ever would most definitely have to be anything involving blood...or eating something gross like other humans.

cajunhale's picture

a clogged public toilet

thrax360's picture

The grosses thing ever are the eating challanges on Fear Factor.

michelledaizy's picture

projectile vomit

alanp's picture

2 girls 1 cup

cajunjew's picture

the effects of ipecac

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Tosin's picture

A motorbike accident. Saw one in 85s the other nite.



shuntavis's picture

Seeing a gun shot wound.

sharr06's picture

Baby poop....

cinemappeal's picture

grown people that pee or throw up in the pool

mazloom's picture

Dirty public bathrooms

SarahHorgan's picture

Eating the face off another human being

shadowman1994's picture

I would say 2 girls ! cup, but there's another one worse than that where they ate each others puke, I think it was 2 girls 1 finger.

rfest's picture

Frat houses

Nat22's picture

Maggoty roadkill ewwwwwww

Linnon's picture

Really smelly garbage!

Elle657's picture

Porti Pots

piglet's picture

Dead roach on my dinner plate at restaurant.

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ClaudiaV's picture

Seeing people use a public restroom and walk right past the wash basin. YUCK.

spasha321's picture

I agree with Claudia... Seeing someone walk right out the restroom without washing their hands...Gross!

Babyanne05's picture

Biting your toes nails!



caramelos78's picture

When boys and men leave wet pee on the floor near the toilet. Ick!!!

bowentr's picture

The grossest thing ever was when I had a lady urinate in the seat next to me on the leaked into my seat and I smelled like urine all day. I haven't ridden public transport since.

bboyestyle's picture

Getting wisdom teeth pulled out. EEK !

robynbowen1's picture

Open mouth chewing when food flies out their mouths...

timwilson210's picture

These "zombie" attacks that have been happening lately.

Kat1912's picture

My teenage sons bathroom!!

dpparab's picture

Some of the alien movies....