RSVP - NYC SUPER ADVANCED Screening - Red Dawn - 5.1.12 (CLOSED)

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Red Dawn

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Date/Time: Tuesday, May 1st at 6:00 PM
Location: Manhattan, NYC
Number of Available Tickets: 300 Admit 2s

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What is the best or worst aspect of being a teenager?

Red Dawn
Red Dawn at the IMDb
In Theaters November 2nd
Directed by: Dan Bradley
Written by: Carl Ellsworth, Jeremy Passmore, Kevin Reynolds (1984 movie) and John Milius (1984 movie)
Featuring: Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson
Plot: A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of North Korean soldiers.
Trailer: Not yet available.

likeabite's picture

Growing up with expectations that go against your aspirations.



moviebuff79's picture

Being young and having lots of energy! Having a positive outlook on life

johnpev's picture

Having few worries and just having fun.

SpiderMan120988's picture

The best, not having too much to worry about...the worst, being treated like a child even though you've long passed that threshold.

Itslvg3's picture

The best is definitely having no real worries/bills to deal with yet

CT10453's picture

The worst is having to answer to somebody about your whereabouts all the time (Parents.

krys2342's picture

The best aspect of being a teenager is being worry free, in that you don't have bills or rent to worrt about because you're at an age where most parents still feel obligated to care for you.

nextmodes's picture

The best aspect is No Responsibilities & Free money

nameuser's picture

I think best would be just having fun of breaking rules, having least of worries about anything especially doing something illegal, hiding from your parents.

Narajancore's picture money

Steven4493's picture

Mommy and daddy pay for everthing !!!!!

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Yuri267's picture

get paid like crap cus nobody taught you any specialization in school, so basically the school system.

sli4's picture

It was having a beeper... It was cool but you could never call anyone back!

...or the anxiety of dating.

daria007's picture

No responsibilities.

amw1369's picture

worst part about being a teenager is thinking you know everything only to find out you dont know anything, best part is the carefree living

RebelX16's picture

Living Care free!

carlytto's picture

Worst is falling in love for the first time..... A lot of new experience right there


ordinaryguy's picture

The worst aspect of being a teenager is having to go through break ups, and also having to always be around when your parents do something highly embarassing.

skyriter's picture

the best part of being a teenager is thinking you are "da bomb", you are at the prime of your life and feel like you are on top of the world and the worst is looking back and seeing how stupid you really looked.

foz's picture

the rules

Kennyken's picture

Best: having Fun; worst: pimples

Kennyken's picture

Best: having Fun; worst: pimples

texodus's picture

Best: Being care free; Worst: Irresponsibility

karriehsu's picture

a lot free time with no money

thatscrazyy's picture

High school

Egg1315's picture

Best: No major responsibilities and no limit on fun
Worst: The crazy changes in your body that make you look like an alien.

Ballzgotw8's picture

The Peer pressure...

jcarlo's picture

The petty problems &issues lol

aj747697's picture

Being awkward and trying to figure out ilfe