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Submitted by tom on May 23, 2012 - 4:43pm


Men in Black 3
If you could travel through time, when would you go to and what would you do?

Men in Black 3 Screening RSVP

Date/Time: Thursday, May 24th at 7:00 PM
Location: Manhattan, NYC
Passes Available: Gofobo - 50 Admit 2s
RSVP Close Time: TBD
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BigOMR's picture

I would go pretend im a genius

vivian0o's picture

Probably go back to the day Lincoln was killed and save the president like a bamf

TrueBloodLeet's picture

I would travel back to the frank sinatra era. I just love their style, their movies, their music. Everything about that era, is just ideal. Classic days I call it. I'd meet a classic woman, have a classic relationship, have a classic marriage. Everything would be classic.

nav006's picture

i will go back to college to actually learn.

tyndalecode's picture

I would go to 1908 so that I could watch the Cubs win the world series. I'm sentimental like that, what can I say?

meacho45's picture

I would go back to 1955 and watch Jackie Robinson steal home plate at ebbets field. Sigh

poptartpsycho18's picture

Everyone says a time in the past. I'm going to the future in 10 year jumps until I get the magic pill to stop aging and whatever technology that can make it so I can teleport and/or fly...although I bet we already have that stuff and they save it for the very rich.

iliveindeal's picture

I would go back to 1955 and see Michael J Fox and Doc Brown

ixkwisitj0yi's picture

I would really want to go to the Baroque period and be able to wear those bigs gowns... well minus the corsette.

swcy813's picture

I would want to go back to 9/11 and pull the fire alarm of the twin towers so that people can evacuate before the plane hits.

VotreToujours04's picture

I would go to the future! Not sure what year exactly, but at least a good 25-50 years. See what it's like and how crazy technology and fashion are. Then maybe come back and invest in some stocks or bet on sporting events haha Smile

bbaffoe's picture

I would go back to the invention of the first computer and force them to discuss the potential ramifications of such a helpful and destructive invention. Then I would go back to the time when Jesus was on his journeys and ask the disciples why they have different accounts of the same stories.

erincb21's picture

i would go back to 2006 and relive college

SaSa's picture

I would want to go back in time to speak to George Washington.

gaminette's picture

It depends on whether or not I can come back to the present! For a quick visit I'd love to spend some time as a flapper in 1920s NYC.

comgam28's picture

i would like to see the dinosaur if i can go back in time.

kepant2010's picture

I would go back to the Revolutionary war period to meet historical figures like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefforson, and the like...nothing like meeting the Founding Fathers!

anikajones's picture

Go back to when jimi hendrux was alive and see him in concerr

CT10453's picture

I Would go back to the 70's and party with Jimi Hendrix!!!!!!

telemaque's picture

I would go to Dallas in 1962 and make sure Kennedy does not get shot

BiBi's picture

I would like go back in time to buy all the apple stock. Lol

AsiaC1982's picture

I would travel as far back as the 1960's...Very interesting decade...I want to witness Martin Luther King's speech in Washington D.C, Perhaps use my knowledge to prevent MLK's & JFK's assassinations, Be a Jimmie Hendrix groupie & have fun at Woodstock 69! Wink



pprobert's picture

I would go back to the 70s and party with the beatles and rolling stones in there prime!



Cesaraz1's picture

It's hard to decide, I would probably go back a year ago and tell myself to not get fatter.

natalia1188's picture

I would definitely go back to see my grandmother who people say I look a lot like. And see my teenage mother at the time and ask her " what the hell ?!" lol

lialgi's picture

I would go back to high school there were the best years of my life

tactical tomato's picture

I would go bak to right b4 apple went public and by as many shares as possible. Then i will proceed to buy an island.

mc72007's picture

Travel to the future and see what kind of new technology it holds

csc2764's picture

I would go back to the first time I went to college and get my medical degree. Now I'm too lazy and too old to do so.

PRBIGBOY's picture

If I could go back into time, I would go back to the 90's again. To appreciate the great music, TV shows. And to be at sporting events live, to witness different great sport moments.


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