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The Dark Knight Rises
Why are you a Batman fan?

The Dark Knight Rises Screening RSVP

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 18th at 6:00 PM
Location: Manhattan, NYC
Passes Available: Gofobo - 10 Admit 2s
RSVP Close Time: TBD
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tisha's picture

Batman is my favorite superhero because he actively chose to fight crime and help his city. Most superheroes somehow acquire special abilities and their power is thrust upon them. While it doesn’t make their actions any less heroic, what makes Batman special is that his lack of powers makes it even harder for him to fight. I find him more relatable because he is just a normal human who decides to shoulder a massive amount of responsibility. I’ve been a fan of Batman for as long as I can remember – when I was a little kid, I used to watch all of the Batman cartoons, and I’ve watched all of the old Batman movies from the ‘90s. Christopher Nolan’s incarnation, however, is my favorite thus far, and I’m DYING to see how the story ends in The Dark Knight Rises. It's all I've been able to think about.


Antara Chowdhury

thomahawk69's picture

because he is a hero without any superpowers.

BkShTaz's picture

R Because hes an intelligent billionaire who is a superhero without superpowers so you sympathize with him in some ways.

jrc223's picture

Batman inspires me to fight for others.

alittle22's picture

I am a Batman fan because he is a character that turned a tragedy into triumph. He overcame a devastating event and turned into someone WHO KICKS ASS!!

juanito.nguyen's picture

Because he is a broken character and could have any reason not to do anything beneficial, yet he fights for a greater cause.

gaminette's picture

I am a fan of THIS incarnation of Batman because he's a ninja.

L.g_Blackout's picture

I grew up watching batman the animated series and since then when i was growing up i wanted to be like batman. I wanted the smarts, the gaggets, and to be able to go against all odds to fight any bad guy. To me batman is and to this day my hero.

timweng's picture

I love batman because unlike other superheros he doesn't have any super powers.. he's simply a guy who trains hard and is dedicated, just like me! Plus he fights injustice in Gotham and I live in Gotham.

swcy813's picture

Because he is hero with cool

csc2764's picture

He has so many cool toys!

KaturPatel's picture

because he's better then superman...

Mikeysant's picture

Batman represents human ability, the idea that hard work and discipline can make any person a “superhero.”

carapebe's picture

It's in my blood. I was born and raised to work hard and do what is right. Batman exemplifies this to the max. All natural, hard work, dedication, justice-seeking. I will forever be a Batman fan.

brucalheiros's picture

because of his uniform! Laughing out loud

wmac28's picture

Pleasseeeeee I'm So Ready ... What better way to top off the Summer after Avengers than Batman !!!!!

comgam28's picture

one word: the bat mobile's picture

Because he is a superhero, muscular and fights bad guys!!!

likeabite's picture

Living in Gotham, it's easily relatable and familiar, plus Bruce exemplifies the everyman's struggle to be better.



RebelX16's picture

I have been a Batman fan since the age of 5. I became a Batman fan because it was the first cartoon that ever caught my attention as a kid, my first Super Hero. And now, I still AM a Batman fan, because despite all the other great Comic book Heroes, he remains the one True Hero, not altered by any scientific experiment or comes from a distant planet, but a human being from earth, who decided to put on a cape and Fight for what is Right. That’s what I AM a BATMAN FAN!

musicgirl993's picture

I Love Batman because he's one of the greatest superheroes. And I love watching action movies, they're my favorite.

matt7195's picture

Because no one else can save Gotham!

capcalhoon's picture

No Super Human powers, just a guy who wants to make a moral difference.

mirandapanda03's picture

I am a fan of Batman because he is an amazing superhero! He saves soo many people and he beats the villians in hand-to-hand combat! I also really like his awesome car!

vivian0o's picture

because he is a superhero, yet without any powers... and of course his amazing car.

SaSa's picture

Because he is a hero who knows how to deal with weird villains. =)

jmw711's picture

I loved batman since I was a little kid. I watched the TV series and enjoyed all the entertaining story lines. He changed his ways and gave back to help those who needed. Who wouldn't love that hero!!

makgalleries's picture

Batman is the essence of man. A simple man with great power and morality. He's troubled and turns to good. He helps those that don't have.

SvpvsSvpvs's picture

The smoking outfit and gadgets!!

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I am a batman fan because when I collected Batman comics and watched the TV show, I had few, if any problems. In fact, I had several comic subscriptions for about $1.00 per year and each issue was about $.10.