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HorrorCast Walker Stalker & Found Footage

Submitted by melissa on June 10, 2014 - 6:40am


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Cinemit Horrorcast

A six part series on the state of horror in 2014
  • Host: Michael Petrelli aka Petrocs
  • Co-Host: Brad Slaton aka Night of the Ranting Brad of the Picking Brains podcast
  • Horror Blogger Nathan Hamilton
  • Discussion Roundtable on Found Footage / Real Life Horror Films
  • James and Eric (The Walker Stalkers Podcast and Creators of the Walker Stalker Con)
Walker Stalker Con comes to Boston June 13th-15th at the Westin Waterfront 
Visit for Guest Details and Info on Tickets and Times!

Attention Miami! Enter To Win Passes for 'The Grand Seduction' Starring Taylor Kitsch!

Submitted by melissa on June 8, 2014 - 3:46pm


The Grand Seduction does involve Brendan Gleeson trying to seduce Taylor Kitsch but just to get him to be the village doctor. Cinemit is excited to run a contest to win passes to a screening in Miami at the AMC Aventura.

RSVP here for a chance to win passes in Miami!
Closes Sunday at noon!

"A small fishing village must secure a lucrative business contract to escape a financial slump. Their odds are slim as a town doctor is needed to land the contract and they’ve been searching for years. After the mayor skips town, resident Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) takes it upon himself to find his village a doctor. When unlikely candidate and big city doctor Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) lands in their lap, the townsfolk rally together to seduce him into staying beyond his one month trial. The ever creative Murray deploys varying ranges of subterfuge. He taps Paul’s phone, fabricates a love interest, and forces the entire village to learn how to play cricket, Paul’s favorite sport. As the month grows, so too does Paul’s fondness for the village, clueless that everything he loves is an elaborate scheme. With the decision for the contract looming, Murray’s grand seduction faces collapse from both guilt and revelation, potentially crushing both the dreams of the small village and the hope of a young doctor."

Visit for more info

Review: 'Trust Me' With Clark Gregg As Another Kind of Agent

Submitted by melissa on June 7, 2014 - 1:35pm


You probably know Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson from Iron Man, The Avengers and NBC Marvel's Agents of Shield, but in Trust Me, he's Hollywood Agent, Howard Holloway. He stars, as well as writes and directs Trust Me, his second feature to direct, the first being Choke, the Chuck Palahniuk book-adapted film starring Sam Rockwell.

I saw this movie at last year's Tribeca Film Festival, and to be honest, I hated it. However, I decided to watch again for it's release and my reaction completely changed. Why?

Well, this is a story about a struggling Hollywood agent who lies, cheats, deceives and all without batting an eye. What's more is that it's completely acceptable in his profession. It was for this reason that I didn't like the movie the first time around, but after a re-watch, I saw more. I saw fantastic acting and a clever script.

TRUST ME, is now on demand as well as iTunes, Amazon, PS3, Xbox and other platforms. Released theatrically on June 6th in cities across the US.

June Documentary Spotlight: Dominic H. White's DSKNECTD

Submitted by Spirit of the Thing on June 6, 2014 - 1:10pm


As I type this now on my laptop, my iPhone by my side, it's not hard to understand why a film like DSKNECTD was made. Go to a bar, a college campus, a high school lunch and even a middle school basketball game and you'll notice one thing - a large portion of people in each of these scenarios have their faces buried in their phones - texting, playing stupid ass games like Candy Crush, porn, watching the latest viral video on YouTube or any number of other (mostly stupid) things. Technological advance and access has hit society like a tsumani and engulfed the better part of the world with quick easy access to information.

What DSKNECTD delves into is the effects this access to technology and its addictive qualities has on the brain, social behaviors as well as differentiating characteristics of the generations employing its use. This film is mostly successful in laying out the issues - creation of isolated subgroups of society, increased risky sexual behavior because of sexting and earlier access to hardcore pornography, inability to create meaningful relationships with people in the real world as opposed to the virtual world, etc.

Cinemit Podcast - Flash Mob Episode

Submitted by melissa on June 6, 2014 - 6:40am


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  • Talking entertainment what we topic...raw

Hosted by: Michael Petrelli aka Petrocs
 Brad Slaton aka Night of the Ranting Brad & Jeremy Harmon aka Spirit of the Thing

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