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Kino! Festival of German Films review of Nan Goldin - I Remember Your Face

Submitted by Spirit of the Thing on June 16, 2014 - 12:23pm


Capturing the essence of an artist seems to me to be one of the hardest things to do. So much of what makes one an artist (I assume) happens in one's head, an interior monologue that Terrence Malick would be jealous of utilizing. Sabine Lidl's entrancing documentary, Nan Goldin - I Remember Your Face, seems to get pretty close to doing so.

The film obviously follows Nan Goldin, the world renowned photographer, as she negotiates time in Paris and Berlin, meeting with friends and colleagues, old and new, talking us through her trials and tribulations as a woman in the world she has chosen to inhabit. She lives up to the perception many might have of what an artist of her stature is like -an eccentric who details her  obscure tastes in the art she collects (Catholic in nature), tells tales of wild times living in squats with 40+ people, describes her spiral into drug addiction and subsequent drying out as well as the numerous people she has fallen in love with only to have that love unrequited, all of which is included in or fueled her work. And its her work that is foremost in her mind. Books to publish, narrated slideshows to produce, new style collage combining themed work juxtaposed with famous art works by masters - all of it consumes her and occupies her every moment (at least as laid out in the film).

Audio Interview: 'Homemakers’ Writer/Director Colin Healey and Actress Rachel McKeon

Submitted by Indiebizliz on June 16, 2014 - 6:40am


Making it's NYC premiere at Brooklyn's Northside Festival on June 16th, join us for this exclusive preview screening of HOMEMAKERS, a tale of one chaotic punk singer who moves from Austin to Pittsburgh to claim her inheritance - her grandfather's dilapidated house - and finds herself conflicted when her drunken binges and fits of destruction clash with her urge to settle down and make the home her own.

Liz sat down with Writer/Director Colin Healey and Actress Rachel McKeon. Below is their interview.

New Teaser Featurette: 'The Rover' Starring Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinson

Submitted by melissa on June 13, 2014 - 12:06pm


Dark and twisted, the latest film from director David Michôd (Oscar-Nominated Animal Kingdom), was also co-written with Joel Edgerton (Warrior, The Great Gatsby). Check out a short featurette showing some behind-the-scenes with the actors.

Film Festival FYI- KINO! Festival of German Films New York 2014

Submitted by Spirit of the Thing on June 12, 2014 - 3:07pm


KINO! Reboots Bringing German Talent to New York (June 12-19)

Including Theatrical Release NAN GOLDIN - I REMEMBER YOUR FACE

NANGOLDIN_017_web.jpgStay tuned for my coverage!

Interview: 'The Moment' Director Jane Weinstock

Submitted by Indiebizliz on June 12, 2014 - 1:23pm


We trust what we see with our eyes. They are our tool to navigate through the world. What happens when your eyes deceive you? In Jane Weinstock’s The Moment, an international photojournalist Lee (Jennifer Jason Leigh) begins an affair with a writer she meets in a rehab center. John (Martin Henderson) has a rough past and after they break up, John mysteriously vanishes. This pushes Lee’s fragile psyche over the edge. Her ex-husband and daughter (Alia Shawkat) admit her to get help. In sessions with her therapist (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) Lee begins to have flashes of what may or may not be memories of the the night before John went missing. Can she trust herself? The film jumps in time and the audience is left with a labyrinthine puzzle to piece together. Jennifer is haunting in her quiet reflection. The photography in the movie is stunning and personal.

I was able to sit down with Jane and discuss the movie. Here are the top 10 highlights from my interview.

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