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The Family
If you had to move with your family to another town, where would you move and why?

The Family Screening RSVP

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 11th at 7:30 PM
Location: San Antonio, TX
Passes Available: Gofobo - 100 Admit 2s
RSVP Close Time: TBD
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reymag0's picture

I would move back to Japan. I made so many friends while stationed there in the 90s!!

melanza's picture

Move anywhere the wind blows just so long as we're together.

LMSALOMON's picture

Lytle. It's so close to where I live now in San Antonio and I love SA

serratalaura31's picture

Brownsville because it's my hometown and I miss my family:(

serratalaura31's picture

Brownsville because it's my hometown and I miss my family:(

Kiraryu's picture

Tokyo Japan or Kyoto Japan why all ways wanted to vist and experience Japan first hand

cabarnes85's picture

I would go back to Ohio and show my wife MY family roots's picture

I would move my family to Colorado because I like the outdoors.
I love the great outdoors and wildlife.

amm74's picture

If i had to move away with the family I would go to the country where its quite & nobody can find us cause noone can go and ask us for money cause they dnt have a car... Smile


Anna Medellin

margaretbadders's picture

To the Coast of Texas, Rockport, TX. The fish are plentiful and there are fields of rice and corn, etc to get food.

audreygrams's picture

I would move to Dallas, TX because my brother and his family live there.

freesamovies12345's picture

Okinawa Japan to go scuba diving, hang gliding, eat sushi, and party with family and friends

vanessazertuche's picture

because of it's very close w my family. my hometown too!


Vanessa Zertuche

ni28xxi's picture

IF i had to move I would move to Italy its beautiful there and the type of food that is there I could live off of forever. Italian food.

mrsnene's picture

I think I would move to Italy. Because of the food,people,culture just everything is beautiful there.

vanessazertuche's picture

because it's my town! must i live to very close w my own a family!!

my email


Vanessa Zertuche

lunaca58's picture

I would move to Seattle have some family there and would enjoy know a lot of rain but a lot to see.

bronson's picture

el paso because its close to the border

alyssa_l5's picture

I would move to california and enjoy the view of the ocean all day.

ireviewmovies's picture

I would move to Canada because all of your medical expenses are covered by the government.

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we would move to california to be with all the movie STARS ***

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florida, always action in florida.'s picture

I would move to a town in puerto rico because it's part of my sons hertiage, the weather is beautiful,beaches, music is very lively!'s picture

I would move somewhere where its cold because it's over 100 degrees where I live right now

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Would like to see this movie always likes Michelle



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Would love to see this movie Love Robert DeNi


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I would move to port aransas texas live beach side but still close to family.