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Submitted by tom on September 27, 2012 - 11:42am


A new Cinemit feature!

We found out a while back that Cinemit members don't just passively answer the questions in our RSVP posts to enter to win screening passes - the vast majority care about what they write and are sincere! It's very entertaining to browse RSVP answers!

Our new feature will consist of posting the question asked in all of a movie's screening RSVP posts (they are all the same for each screening, for the most part) and showcasing 5-10 of our favorites. You'll find a variety of AWESOME responses - from funny, insightful and inspiring, to sad, crazy and sarcastic - you name it! In the future, we hope to award members that give the best responses, so stay tuned!

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Won't Back Down

Without further ado, here are our responses we received for the following RSVP post question for screenings of the movie Won't Back Down (we might fix major spelling errors in responses, but other than that will only post actual member answers!):

When have you ever been determined to achieve some goal despite failure?

"After college, many friends said that was the end of my improv comedy days! As of two months ago, I am full time actor in an improv troupe!"
Submitted by moviebuff2222

"It's my 12th grade year, i joined some clubs, finished my credits and everything was set..except my FCAT. I failed the Reading FCAT which held me back from recieving my diploma. I did walk with my class becasue, i felt i deserve to in a way.This was the most diffcult stage i have had so far in my life but i didn't want it stop my from my goals. During that summer, i thought about what i needed to do to start my college life. I ended up aiming for my GED. I took all the classes and all the hours at the nearest high school passed the GED program. I then started to studied for the actual GED..i passed!! My highest score believe it or not was in reading. Now i'm starting college and it feels great!(:"
Submitted by aesthetic_artsi

"I tried to give up drinking and drugging when I was young. I did it for a year then failed. 6 months later I was able to do it and now I have been clean and sober for 26 years!"
Submitted by blackwillow017

"When I was 16 and pregnant, I was determined to finish high school and I graduated on time after missing 5 months of the 12th grade:-) I retired at the age of 52 after working for 35 years in State Government!"
Submitted by gerrigerri

"It's been particularly taxing and disappointing this past year of my PhD program. Lots of things that have felt like "failures" but I've never lost sight of the goal!"
Submitted by mdwalker9

"At the time I was born, I suffered two strokes causing brain damage with the doctors telling me and my parents I would not be able to function like others especially to even graduate from high school with a dipolma attending college. Over the years, the brain damage is still there with the existence of a Learning Disability, however, it has healed on its own as I have graduated from high school with a regular standard diploma and currently attending college for an A.A. degree in Broadcast Journalism. I am blessed and lucky to even be on this earth today alive."
Submitted by noonies

"I went to a catholic high school and they found out I was pregnant and they failed me and told me I couldn't graduate bcuz of one credit, so I went to a community college, 6mnths pregnant and took the course and graduated with 4 extra credits that fall, they were quite angry. They wanted me to fail!"
Submitted by blackwidow

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I was diagnosed at 8 with RA missed a lot of school in high school my mom decided for me to live with my dad and step mom just to get better healthcare but my evil step mom tried to ruin my life so instead I ran away worked went to GED classes and passed with highest s ore in class and I went to school for medical billing and coding and for behavioral assistant and work with children with autism and disabilities so I still made it

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I liked high school and managed to be on Honor Roll. But in my senior year while everyone else was getting ready to apply to colleges I was told I shouldn't. My college advisor stated that although I did well in high school I probably would not last the first semester; I almost didn't apply because of her. But I applied anyway and was accepted to a prestigious college with a scholarship. Now I am a college graduate who has just started her new job as an accountant for the NYC Ballet.

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Completing and graduating from College

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When I got divorced and I had one child and then I found out I was pregnant. I was determined to raise my girls on my own.

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In 07' while completing my book "So you think...You know Church Folk" I was told that my book was too controversial because I was making the Church community look bad. It was very difficult because I encountered so many "AINT's" who wanted to leave things swept under the rug. They used threats and slander even threatened frivolous lawsuits. It bothered me because I felt that everyone wanted to know the truth about what happened within "certain" church organizations....They did not. Then one day a young lady came to me after reading an Excerpt of the upcoming release with tears in her eyes saying…”THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK” I thought I was the only one who had been through such horrible things in the church. It took a lot for you to write this because there ARE those of us out there who need the truth to be told and feel trapped. She shook my hand wiped the tears from her eyes and walked away. I didn’t back down. I completed and released my book and found it to be a life rewarding experience. “What DO you do when your Pastor is the Pedophile? What DO you do when your protector becomes your abuser? NEVER BACK DOWN!


So Blessed!

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Just recently failed my last class towards my Bachelor's degree that I've been working on part time for 10+ years while in the military. I'm determined to knock it out in 2013! Smile