Review: 'Wrong' is another delight from the director of 'Rubber'

Submitted by melissa on February 2, 2013 - 12:42pm


Quentin Dupieux's last feature, Rubber, blew me away being both ludicrous and smart, as the is a story of a serial-killing tire. Yes, a tire that has supernatural mind-powers it uses to kill people. (Currently available on Netflix streaming/Amazon Instant Video) Dupieux brings his unique story-telling and filmmaking perspective his is latest film, Wrong, now available on VOD and in theaters March 29th, 2013.

Dolph Springer (Reno 911's Jack Plotnick) awakens one morning to find he has lost the sole love of his life - his dog, Paul. Desperate to reunite with his best friend and to set things right, Dolph embarks on a journey which spirals into the realm of the absurd. On his quest, he drastically alters the lives of several severely bizarro characters, including a promiscuous pizza delivery girl (Entourage's Alexis Dziena), a mentally unstable, jogging-addicted neighbor, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, an eccentric pet detective (Steve Little of HBO's Eastbound And Down) and most mysterious of all, an enigmatic pony-tailed guru, Master Chang (William Fichtner) who imparts his teachings to Dolph on how to metaphysically reconnect with his pet. From fearless cinematic surrealist Quentin Dupieux, the director behind the head-exploding RubberWrong is a wholly original and hilariously hallucinatory universe all its own.

What I loved about the film was that it takes so many film cliches and doesn't mock them, but presents them in a whole new way. As someone who sees so many films, both blockbuster and independent, it becomes very easy to predict stories and when a film doesn't pander to the audience, it makes for a very enjoyable experience.

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Jack Plotnick as Dolph gives a heartbreaking performance as a man who's lost his best friend. The emotion in his face is utterly honest and sweet. Although I love Steve Little, I felt his performance was a little too forced and he didn't quite convince me. Alexis Dziena played the psycho girl perfectly with her wide eyes and devilish smile. Although I love seeing William Fichtner (see Marc's profile on the actor here) in anything, he really didn't dazzle me as I felt the character needed to punch it up a bit and not be as restrained.

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Too often there's reason for everything that happens so much so that you becomes suspicious of everything. "Oh, they showed a gun, so that means it's going to be brought up again." Audiences are used to every action as needing a conclusion. What's great about the new generation of filmmakers, Dupieux most certainly included, is that they are throwing in several random details that never necessarily get resolved so that you focus on the moment and not on trying to think ten steps of the story.

For those searching for a new way to enjoy film, Wrong takes you on an exciting ride.

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VOD February 1, 2013 - In Theaters March 29, 2013, VOD Providers: iTunes, DirecTV, Dish, Indemand (Comcast, Cox, Time Warner…), TVN (Charter, Verizon…plus 200 more affiliates), AT&T
Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Written by: Quentin Dupieux
Featuring: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, William Fichtner
Plot: Dolph Springer wakes up one morning to realize he has lost the love of his life, his dog, Paul. During his quest to get Paul (and his life) back, Dolph radically changes the lives of others -- risking his sanity all the while.