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Don't see your city? Comment below and let us know that you want Cinemit in YOUR city!
juliekellogg's picture

We would LOVE to have Cinemit in St. Louis Missouri

Cyberauron's picture

We would love more cinemit on long island, ny (deer park, farming dale, garden city, west bury)

DrunkenMogwai's picture

AGREED, more screenings on Long Island would be amazing.

jcjohnny's picture

How about a cinemit in Buffalo? We love our movies!

twtcad's picture

Orlando, FL

thebeth's picture


mrsfranklin9211's picture

Please add Manchester, CT and Plainville, CT they always have movie screenings at those locations Smile

maysmom2001's picture

It'd be awesome if you can add Little Rock AR Smile

davene40's picture

I would like to see Cinemit more in New York. Today it not there? We (I) love when I get out of the house with destination!

davene40's picture

I would to see Cinemit more in New York. Today it not there?We (I)love when I get out the house with destination!

mzbusiness's picture

Would love something in the Minneapolis/St Paul area of MN.
Thanks for a great job!

tricia224's picture

Buffalo, New York; there's more to the state than NYC

REONashville's picture

Nashville, TN

ErikMorales's picture

Miami, FL

tilliemichelle13's picture

The best place in central california!!

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alinadina's picture

we need cinemit in minneapolis, mn

Tarre's picture

Orlando, FL would be sweet.
Muchos mahalos!

alexmirrrranda's picture


jst4kikz's picture



Saji S.

cmpowell83's picture

Orlando, FL please!

costamesagal's picture

Any of the following CALIFORNIA locations: Orange, Irvine, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Long Beach and Huntington Beach.


wackyjacky's picture

Please come to Buffalo, NY...... We are real movie buffs.

Thank you

oscaradc's picture

bring it to LA, CA!

nevadj's picture

Los Angeles, please

riverf01's picture

Come to Western New York! Buffalo, Tonawanda/Kenmore, Williamsville, Rochester!!!! We looooove movies too!!!



riverf01's picture

YES, please! more for western new york!



lisajanai's picture

I would love to see it in Jacksonville, FL. I love having it in Atlanta. I am moving to Jax, and I will need to get my movie fix!



Funbucket9's picture

Yes!!! Pppplease come to Toledo Ohio!!! Would be awesome if you do!!!!

tpetersen51's picture

Phoenix, AZ!