So how do you get tickets with the Code RSVP method?

1. We will publish an RSVP post (you'll see a green RSVP ticket stub in the post) for a screening a few days prior to the date of the screening. Cinemit members will know an RSVP is published by following Cinemit on Twitter or liking us on Facebook - we post the status of ALL screenings' RSVP posts and pass/code distributions there!

Gofobo Codes
SeeItFirst Codes

2. A designated number of random Cinemit members that respond to a simple question in the RSVP post will get emailed a Gofobo/SeeItFirst/other RSVP code. This code is used on the Gofobo RSVP page or the SeeItFirst homepage where after entering the code, you can print out a PDF ticket (usually with a +1 for a guest) for the screening. You must be a member of Gofobo/SeeItFirst to claim your tickets, so be sure to sign up for Gofobo here and SeeItFirst here. Getting the code, however, does not guarantee getting a pass. YOU HAVE TO BE QUICK!

3. Print out your ticket, and get to the show at least 30 to 45 minutes early (as attendees are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis).

4. Enjoy the show!

Note: Once the code is emailed to Cinemit members, however, we have no control over where the code is distributed or who else uses it. So you have to be quick! We kindly ask that Cinemit members keep the codes 'in the community' so that the maximum number of Cinemit members get to see the screening.

Still unsure of screening codes?
Click here to get a lengthier explanation of Gofobo codes, or click here for SeeItFirst's FAQs.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter - these two resources are the absolute best way to stay connected to us and learn exactly when RSVP posts will be published, Gofobo codes sent, and more!