Fun Question Friday - What's the first movie you saw in the theater?

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Mine is E.T.

It was just me and my dad going because my sister wasn't old enough. It was so cool to be in a big place watching on a huge screen with lots of other people. That Christmas I got an E.T. watch (which I tragically took apart) and an E.T. action figure (which got confiscated in class because I wasn't paying attention to the teacher). Oh, the memories!

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And I was scared to death

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Toy Story 2 I believe.

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The first one I remember is the Original Muppet Movie...loved it!!

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Superman 1

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the wiz ..

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Pippy Long Stocking... It was a girl scout event and I loved it so much...

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Transformers back in the 80s.

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Rambo /deathwish/childsplay/transformers

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