Fun Question Friday - Name a movie you can quote word-for-word!

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Flash Gordon, The Thing, Escape From New York, Heathers.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Demand To See Life's Manager!

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All Dogs Go To Heaven Smile

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the lost boys! and labyrinth! 

OnyxAmbrosia <3 Wink

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october sky!!!!

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Shaun of the Dead. I've seen it so many times I could literally act it out.

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Vacation, the original have seen it so many times its redicilious

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Scarface,Carlito's way,American Gangster,Coming to America and Galexy Quest!

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I know all the words to the movie Beauty Shop

Marie Kramer

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Color Purple- " you told Harpo to beat me."

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Back to the future!!!!