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Interview: Cyber Seniors Director Saffron Cassaday - Presented by Girls on Film

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Cyber-Seniors is a new documentary from first time director, Saffron Cassaday. Inspired by her grandparents, Cassaday’s sisters launched a program to teach retired seniors how to connect to the web. A group of young volunteers share their knowledge with quite a cast of characters, lead by Shura, an 88 year old retiree who thought it would be impossible to learn how to get online. Once she discovers YouTube, she creates a cooking video that garners quite a bit of attention. This inspires other residents and sparks a bit of friendly competition. Hilarity ensues, of course, but the heart of this documentary is in the cultivated relationships between the seniors and their young mentors.

Don't miss the Q&A at the 7pm showing at Cinema Village in NYC!

We were fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Saffron Cassaday to learn a little more about the documentary.

Cinemit Podcast - From Ancient Greece To The Old West - Period Films

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    • What We Watched
      • Melissa - Romancing the Stone (Netflix), Jewel of the Nile (Netflix)
        • TV: Cosmos, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Mad Men, Veep
        • God's Pocket (limited May 9th), Palo Alto (limited May 9th)
      • Brad - From One Second to the Next (Netflix), Ain't In It For My Health (Netflix), Jay & Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie
        • TV: Silicon Valley
      • Michael - The Un-Amazing Spider-Man (review), Blood Ties (review)
        • TV: Arrow, House of Cards
    • Topic: Period Films
    • Box Office Challenge
    • Upcoming Screenings - listen to find out what's on the way!

Hosted by: Michael Petrelli aka Petrocs Guest: Brad Slaton aka Night of the Ranting Brad & Melissa aka Dial M For Melissa

Tribeca Film Festival: Review Roundup Volume 6 - Struggle

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  • Gabriel - a young man struggling to hang on to a life he once knew
  • Palo Alto - a random bunch of teenagers struggle to cope with their unrealized privilege
  • Match - a man struggles to cope with finding the father he never had
  • The Bachelor Weekend - a group of men struggle to have a fun weekend

Tribeca Film Festival: Review Roundup Volume 5 - Love & Murder

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Girls on Film Podcast - Tribeca Film Festival: About Alex, The One I Love & Palo Alto

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We discuss three movies from the Tribeca Film Festival that turn out to all be by first-time filmmakers. About Alex, The One I Love (in theaters Aug 15) and Palo Alto (in theaters/VOD May 9).

Liz Whittemore aka Indie Biz Liz @IndieBizLiz &
Melissa Hanson aka Dial M for Melissa @DialMForMelissa

Outtro Courtesy of
Oprah Eating Okra aka Matthew Schuchman

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