Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con: The Stars Have Come and Gone

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The 14th Annual Wizard World Comic Con: Philadelphia Edition has come and gone and has left thousands of fans with permanent smiles on their faces. The Wizard World Comic Con traveling spectacle (for those of you not in the know) brings together thousands of like-minded fans from around the globe to celebrate the best in sci-fi, comics, movies, graphic novels, toys, video games, television, gaming and much much more. The show not only brings fans together with each other, it also provides access to some of genre's most beloved stars for autograph and photo opportunities, a chance many fans would never have without this convention. To sum it up, Wizard World Comic Con is the destination for the comic reader, cosplayer, toy collector and star gazer. Short of traveling to San Diego for the genre's biggest show, this is the Mecca for geeks everywhere.

This year's con took place over 4 days, June 19th-22nd, and featured such stars as David Boreanaz ("Bones", "Angel"), Nathan Fillion ("Castle", "Firefly"), Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost, "Star Trek"), Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead", The Boondock Saints), Matt Smith and Karen Gillian ("Doctor Who"), Evan Peters (X-Men: Days of Future Past, "American Horror Story), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings, The Goonies), Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) and many many others. Each star is available on the days they will be attending for autographs and photo ops for a selected price and the fans line up by the hundreds to get that once in a lifetime chance to shake their heroes hand, thank them for what they do and sharing a moment they'll surely never forget. Another opportunity that fans have to interact with these superstars is thru prearranged Q&A sessions scheduled over the 4 days for convention goers to attend. I had an opportunity to attend a handful over the weekend and they are worth the price of admission alone.

A chance to sit down and listen to Sean Astin answer questions regarding the Goonies, The Lord of the Rings and his upcoming FX series "The Strain" proved to be an enlightening experience for fans of the iconic actor.

A "Firefly" fans dream come true! Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk...Captain Mal and Wash on the same stage! The audience listened to the two share stories about the short lived beloved series and talking about their current endeavors. Of course when it came time for the Q&A's to start, the questions about Fillion's rumored upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy cameo surfaced. Sadly, an admission to such a cameo was not forthcoming much to the sadness of the masses.

Another popular panel, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie of this summers smash hit Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier offered the fans of the popular franchise a chance to speak to two of the biggest stars of the film. Will we see Falcon and Bucky in Avengers 2? Neither are giving up the goods, but Stan was asked if he would like to take over Captain America’s shield one day, and after a tiny hesitation, he answered with certainty...

“Yes,” said Stan. “Yeah, I’ll do it right now. Look, it’s not up to me. I’m just showing up when they’re calling me. I means that’s it. But I wouldn't mind a little Black Widow/Winter Soldier story happening.”

Neither would we Sebastian..neither would we.

A walk around the showroom floor offers enough stimulation to keep your spider senses buzzing for days. From the Back to the Future car on display to the many vendors offering memorabilia, original art, collectibles, and more, you have plenty to explore throughout the weekend. The crowds are huge so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to do all of the activities and see all the celebrities you came to see. Wizard World offers schedule of appearances and events a few weeks before the event so planning is essential, your con experience can be ruined by poor planning. All in all, the weekend was a huge success and I am so glad to have been a part of it.

Next years event has just been announced and the dates are May 7-8-9-10, 2015. Celebrities will begin to be announced in the coming weeks so start planning now!

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help: I had an opportunity to attend a handful over the weekend and they are worth the price of admission alone. that was amazing.