Retro Review: The Infinite Man

Submitted by Indiebizliz on October 26, 2016 - 9:00am


Have you ever thought of an awful/embarrassing/heartbreaking moment in your life and thought, “if I could just go back to that moment…” In The Infinite Man, we find Dean, brilliant scientific mind with the intentions of creating the perfect anniversary weekend for his girlfriend Lana. But, nothing is ever perfect. When events don't go according to plan, Dean works tirelessly for an entire year to invent time travel that will reset the events of the original day. If he can just avoid running into himself. Stuck in a mind-bending loop, both he and Lana ( and a weirdo of an ex-boyfriend) weave in and out of “the present” to amend their relationship.

Writer/Director Hugh Sullivan deserves a job offer from the Doctor Who writing staff. This script is written with such creative precision, it should be studied. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out how each scene would play out in respect to the loop. Catching new clues here and there but ultimately blown away by each new revelation. High five, Hugh. I find myself predicting the ending of most film and television shows about 30 minutes in, these days. This film is a beautiful 85 minutes in length and not once did I even glance at my watch. I had no idea what was ever coming next.

Josh McConville as Dean is a pleasure to experience. You are on a ride along for the entirety of the human emotional gambit. Hannah Marshall is effortless and honest. She’s just a woman trying to make sense of her feelings. And finally, Alex Dimitriades is a card. A true caricature of a pain in the ass ex. Filmed in one location in Woomera, South Australia, desolate definitely comes into play. The motel set is, frankly, pretty gross and is reminiscent of Psycho. This isolated feeling is nothing but a win for the story line. I actually cannot imagine trying to keep up with more than three characters.

Ultimately, this film is a winner in my book. Funny, touching, and unique, this story will resonate with every person in the audience. We’ve all been in love. We’ve all done crazy things for a relationship. The Infinite Man will cause you to rehash every relationship you’ve ever had and think, “What if?...”

When: Friday, May 23rd
Doors @8pm, Film Starts @9pm
Where: The Old American Can Factory
232 Third St. @ Third Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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