Retro Review: Frequencies - A Scientific Love Story

Submitted by melissa on November 30, 2016 - 8:04am


We've all heard that "opposites attract," but why? Writer, producer and director Darren Paul Fisher (The Inbetweeners) offers his explanation in Frequencies with the idea the each person has a certain "frequency," be it high or low. In simple terms, those with low frequencies are unlucky and those with high are in sync with the world around them.

From their very first encounter as children in school, Zak (low frequency) is smitten with unemotional Marie (high frequency). She's methodical and intrigued by him, but nothing more. Zak's friend, Theo, observes the two, analyzing their situation. They advance in years, becoming teenagers, and then young adults. The two eventually fall in love, causing problems which reach much farther than they would have imagined.

Zak, Marie and Theo are each played by three different aged versions. A very hard task to cast, the three versions of the three characters all work very well in the overall arch of their individual story. The oldest version of Marie particularly stood out for me. As her world changes, she changes and it's subtle enough to ring true.

The multiple point-of-view storytelling cements the empathy for each character. This was my favorite part. As they say, there are two sides to every story, but here we get three. Each have their own perspective and as we see each view, the layers of the story fold together to form a complete picture with fun reveals.

The story does get a little ambitious in places with too many tangents, but the questions raised are more introspective and do not feel unanswered. This could very easily be a mini-series with all the different story lines.

Incredibly clever and engaging, I love this concept and was caught up in the idea from the beginning. A light drama, this is a great movie to watch with others as you'll have a great conversation about it.

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